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Table 2 Means of environmental control variables by breed of sheep in Brazil

From: Geographical distribution of sheep breeds in Brazil and their relationship with climatic and environmental factors as risk classification for conservation

Breed THI Alt Precip NDVI RH Temp Radsol
Bergamácia 79.40abc 338.08bcd 0.14de 0.60 69.85ab 29.47ab 809269abcd
Border Leicester 72.77def 221.39cd 0.20ab 0.62 73.96a 23.79f 844277abcd
Cariri 79.34abc 291.53bcd 0.15bcde 0.61 72.72a 29.21abc 779557d
Crioula 72.10f 414.08bcd 0.20ab 0.63 75.04a 23.89f 861944ab
Corriedale 72.63ef 211.83cd 0.20ab 0.61 73.72a 24.36ef 864737ab
Dorper 78.26abcde 439.28bcd 0.16abcde 0.59 72.13a 28.4abcd 818555abcd
East Friesian 74.55cdef 1004.17a 0.20ab 0.64 70.25ab 25.88cde 784693cd
Hampshire Down 71.99f 502.62bc 0.20ab 0.63 75.17a 24.02f 868941a
Ideal 72.76ef 270.76bcd 0.21a 0.62 73.85a 24.37ef 862658ab
Ilê de France 72.63ef 493.68bc 0.20ab 0.63 74.09a 24.80ef 862118ab
Karakul 72.40f 257.18bcd 0.20ab 0.63 74.50a 23.98f 860678ab
Lacaune 72.72ef 536.10bc 0.20ab 0.65 74.43a 24.31ef 862121ab
Merino 72.66ef 217.74cd 0.20ab 0.59 73.24a 24.72ef 854721abc
Morada Nova 80.81ab 359.92bcd 0.15cd 0.58 70.10ab 29.90ab 786324cd
Poll Dorset 74.55cdef 522.96bc 0.19abcd 0.62 73.97a 25.84cdef 843221abcd
Polypay 71.66f 105.03d 0.19abcd 0.57 74.19a 23.54f 876793a
Rabo Largo 81.93a 402.24bcd 0.12e 0.55 65.32b 31.49a 806037abcd
Romney Marsh 71.54f 365.06bcd 0.20ab 0.61 74.77a 23.65f 857168abc
SAMM 75.92bcdef 617.32b 0.18abcd 0.59 72.28a 26.78bcdef 845480abcd
Santa Inês 78.27abc 430.47bcd 0.16abcde 0.58 71.52a 28.47abcd 814794abcd
Somali 80.64ab 320.08bcd 0.14de 0.60 70.68ab 29.85ab 791840bcd
Suffolk 74.61cdef 521.03bc 0.19abc 0.61 73.66a 25.74cdef 853912bcd
Texel 73.67def 460.84bcd 0.20ab 0.62 74.43a 25.00def 854377bcd
White Dorper 76.96bcde 528.20bc 0.17abcd 0.60 72.67a 27.52bcde 820255abcd
  1. THI temperature and humidity index, Alt altitude (m); Precipitation (mm/day); NDVI normalized difference vegetation index, RH relative humidity, Radsol solar radiation. Numbers followed by different superscript letters in the same column are significantly different (P<0.05) using the Tukey test.