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Table 1 Some examples of existing Quilombola entrepreneurships in Brazil

From: Ecotourism community enterprises and ethnodevelopment: modelling the Kalunga empowerment possibilities in the Brazilian savannah

Product(s) Scope/arrangement type Quilombo name Location
1 Brazil nut
Copaiba oil
Non-timber product extraction cooperative (standing forest business) Various Quilombo integrate the cooperative. Oriximina, Amazon region
2 Mud handicrafts Cooperative/association Sitio Muquem, Uniao dos Palmares Zona da Mata, Alagoas State
3 Label rouge Chichen breeding and meat production Family/group/community Veloso Pitangi, Minas Gerais State.
4 Bakery Association Sitio dos Grossos Bom Jesus, Rio Grande do Norte
5 Ethnic tourism
Dende Oil
Oyster production
Community Kaonge Santiago do Iguape, Cachoeira, Reconcavo, Bahia State.
6 Biriba seedling and reforestation
Cabaças (gourd) cultivation
Community Cordoaria Camacari, Bahia State.
7 Community-based tourism Multiple communities Pedro Cubas
Andre Lopes
Sao Pedro
Eldorado and Iporanga, in the Vale do Ribeira, Sao Paulo State
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