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Table 1 Data collection instrument for the interviews

From: From the Brazilian semiarid to university: the incorporation of a Cooperative Learning project as academic extension

Elements for Cooperative Learning—Johnson and Johnson (2002)
Clearly perceived positive interdependence How is it established the relationship of interdependence between students and other actors involved in the Program? (exchanges, cooperation)
Considerable promotive (face-to-face) interaction How is it established the relationship of incentive between group members to reach defined objectives?
Clearly perceived individual accountability and personal responsibility to achieve the group’s goals How students’ individual accountability is fostered?
Frequent use of the relevant interpersonal and small-group skills How are interpersonal abilities explored in small groups in order to reach mutual objectives?
Frequent and regular group processing of current functioning to improve future effectiveness How does the group evaluate its work?
  1. Source: Elaborated by the authors based on Johnson and Johnson (2002)