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Table 2 More cited papers

From: A bibliometric study on “education for sustainability”

Authors Source Year Volume Edition Citations Annual average
1. Higher education for sustainability by means of transdisciplinary case studies: an innovative approach for solving complex, real-world problems
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2. Greening of the campus: a whole-systems approach
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3. Games by which to learn and teach about sustainable development: exploring the relevance of games and experiential learning for sustainability
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4. Management Education for Sustainability: A Web-Based Content Analysis
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5. Revealing the research ‘hole’ of early childhood education for sustainability: a preliminary survey of the literature
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6. Higher education for today and tomorrow: university appraisal for diversity, innovation and change towards sustainable development
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7. Competences for sustainable development and sustainability Significance and challenges for ESD
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10. Restructuring teacher education for sustainability: student involvement through a strengths model
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