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Table 1 Analysis of categories

From: Treading paths to sustainability: an analysis of the postgraduate curriculum in Business Administration

Category Category description Authors
Sustainable curriculum Analyzes how sustainability is approached in the pedagogical projects of the masters in administration Springett and Kearins (2005), Sterling and Thomas (2006), Segalàs and Mulder (2010)
Disciplines related to sustainability It describes if there are disciplines that address issues of sustainability and if this course is mandatory for all students Barbieri (2004), Jacobi et al. (2011)
Concepts of sustainability inserted and integrated Analyze if sustainability is approached along with other subjects or in isolated Figueiró and Raufflet (2015), Brandli et al. (2014)
There is specific line of research on sustainability
This is issue specific for any line of research or a general theme
Also disclosed is inserted content in the subjects that are related to sustainability
  1. Source: Elaborated by the authors based on the theoretical references