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Table 2 Variability in leaf area index, dry above ground biomass and extinction coefficient in both irrigation seasons

From: Impact of water stress on radiation interception and radiation use efficiency of Soybeans (Glycine max L. Merr.) in Nigeria

Treatment label 2013 season 2013/2014 season
Leaf area index (m2 m−2) Above ground biomass (t ha-1) Extinction coefficient Leaf area index (m2 m−2) Above ground biomass at 84 DAP (t ha-1) Extinction coefficient
1. T1111 7.10a 3.42a 0.52a 3.44a 2.19a 0.42a
2. T0111 4.79b 3.16a 0.53a 2.36c 1.48a 0.40b
3. T1011 4.17bc 2.67abc 0.50b 2.98abc 1.35a 0.42a
4. T1101 3.61c 1.89c 0.49b 3.15ab 1.86a 0.42a
5. T1110 4.53b 2.35bc 0.49b 2.68bc 1.58a 0.39b
  1. Means of the LAIs, dry aboveground biomass and extinction coefficient with the same letter are not significantly different at 5 % (p > 0.05) level based on Duncan multiple comparisons of means. The LAIs reported were taken 86 and 49 DAP in 2013 and 2013/2014 seasons respectively while the dry aboveground biomass were taken 84 DAP in the two seasons. The extinction coefficients reported are means from replicates