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Table 1 Mercosur Common Nomenclature (MCN) codes and their respective description

From: Enzyme technology in Brazil: trade balance and research community

MCN codes Products
23099060 Preparations with xylanase and Beta-Glucanase, supplemented with wheat bran
30021032 Plasmin (Fibrolysin)
30021033 Urokinase
30029010 Diagnostic reagents of microbial origina
30039021 Drug containing streptokinase, except in doses
30039022 Drug containing l-asparaginase, except in doses
30039023 Drug containing deoxyribonuclease, except in doses
30039029 Drugs with other enzymes, without vitamins, etc., except in doses
30049011 Drug containing Streptokinase, in doses
30049012 Drug containing l-asparaginase, in doses
30049013 Drug containing deoxyribonuclease, in doses
30049019 Drug containing other enzymes in doses
32029030 Enzymatic preparations for pre-tanning
35071000 Rennet and its concentrates
35079011 Alfa-amylase (Aspergillusoryzae)
35079019 Other amylases and their concentrates
35079021 Fibrinucleases
35079022 Bromelain
35079023 Streptokinase
35079024 Streptodornase
35079025 Mixture of streptokinase and streptodornase
35079026 Papain
35079029 Other proteases and their concentrates
35079031 Lysozymeand its hydrochloride
35079032 l-asparaginase
35079039 Other enzymes and their concentrates
35079041 Cellulase-based enzymes
35079042 Transglutaminase-based enzymes
35079049 Other prepared enzymes
38220010 Reagents for determination of blood or urine composition, paper support, etc.a
38220090 Other diagnostic or laboratory reagentsa
  1. aMCNs which descriptions are unclear regarding the inclusion of enzyme-containing products