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Table 1 Summary table of the variables in the literature review

From: Assessment of smartphones using multimethodology

Papers Han et al. (2004) Işıklar e Büyüközkan (2007) Chen et al. (2010) Akyene (2012)
Product-related variables Hardware: Button, Screen, Status Indicator, Loudspeaker, Antenna and Foreign Form
Software: Text, icons, Animation, Sound and Menu
Basic Requirements: Cost, Adequacy of parts, Adequacy of tasks
Physical Characteristics: Weight, Size, Shape, Water Resistance, Strength, Attractiveness and Raw Materials
Technical Characteristics: Talk Time, Time on Standby, International Coverage and Security
Hardware: Stile, Weight, Color, Standby and Conversation
Basic Features: Ringtones, Contacts, Calendar, Notes and lock
Extended Functions: Camera, Flash Disk, themes and MMS
Size, Weight, Screen, Physical Memory, Virtual Memory (RAM), Connection Speed, Bluetooth, Camera, Operating System, CPU, Battery and Price
User-related variables Finishing, Attractiveness, Color, Featured, Harmony, Luxury, Hardness, Simplicity, Satisfaction and Texture Functionality: Ease of Use
Brand: Market Overview and Technical Support
Enthusiasm: Games, Ringtones, Language, Personal Assistant