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  1. Research

    Ecotourism community enterprises and ethnodevelopment: modelling the Kalunga empowerment possibilities in the Brazilian savannah

    This paper investigates the Kalunga community demands for income generation through ecotourism enterprises in the north of Goias State, in the Brazilian savannah. As part of the analysis, the paper discusses t...

    Ismar Borges de Lima, Peter A. Kumble, Maria Geralda de Almeida, Eguimar Felício Chaveiro, Lara Cristine Gomes Ferreira and Rosiane Dias Mota

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:1

    Published on: 20 January 2016

  2. Research

    Public policies and selective visual attention: the effectiveness of awareness messages among young people about the consumption of alcoholic beverages in Brazil

    The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of mandatory conscious consumption warnings on alcohol advertisements in Brazil among young adults. Through Neuromarketing technique using Eye Tracking ...

    Renê de Oliveira Joaquim dos Santos, Jorge Henrique Caldeira de Oliveira, Janaina de Moura Engracia Giraldi and Adriano Rogério Bruno Tech

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2015 2:5

    Published on: 4 September 2015

  3. Research

    Red ceramics produced from mixtures of kaolinite clay and waste glass

    Red ceramics were produced at 750°C by mixing reddish yellow kaolinite clay from Marom (West Region of Cameroon) with waste glass (percentage ranging between 0 and 15% mass). Depending on the nature of the ma...

    Emmanuel Tiffo, Antoine Elimbi, Joseph Dika Manga and Arlin Bruno Tchamba

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2015 2:4

    Published on: 25 August 2015

  4. Research

    A novel approach on weight based optimized routing for mobile cloud computing

    The combination of mobile communications and cloud computing are growing immensely popular. Application designers and architects use cloud technology advantages to deliver data and information to mobile device...

    Debabrata Sarddar, Rajesh Bose and Sudipta Sahana

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2015 2:3

    Published on: 27 June 2015

  5. Research

    The scientific information provided through patents and its limited use in scientific research at universities

    This study aimed to evaluate the importance of protecting the knowledge generated by the university through patents, and assess the use of information available in patent database as a source of scientific and...

    Cristiano Gonçalves Pereira, Rodrigo Ribeiro da Silva and Geciane Silveira Porto

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2015 2:2

    Published on: 7 May 2015

  6. Research

    Eco-innovation in the Brazilian sugar-ethanol industry: a case study

    This research analyzes the eco-innovation performance of a sugar-ethanol plant located in São Paulo State, Brazil. The focus is on constructs related to the generation of innovation, environmental performance ...

    David Ferreira Lopes Santos, Leonardo Fernando Cruz Basso, Herbert Kimura and Vinicius Amorim Sobreiro

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2015 2:1

    Published on: 6 March 2015

  7. Research

    Geographical distribution of sheep breeds in Brazil and their relationship with climatic and environmental factors as risk classification for conservation

    The aim of this study was to evaluate the distribution of sheep breeds in Brazil, correlate their occurrence with environmental factors and determine their risk for extinction.

    Concepta McManus, Potira Hermuche, Samuel Rezende Paiva, José Carlos Ferrugem Moraes, Cristiano Barros de Melo and Clayton Mendes

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2014 1:3

    Published on: 22 January 2014

  8. Case study

    Evaluation of sustainability using the AISHE Instrument: case study in a Brazilian University

    The role of Higher Education Institutions (HEI), which are in the forefront of the challenges of sustainable development, is becoming increasingly predominant, given the importance of these institutions in the...

    Luciana Londero Brandli, Marcos Antonio Leite Frandoloso, Niko Roorda, Kéllen Tolotti Fraga and Letícia Canal Vieira

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2014 1:4

    Published on: 22 January 2014

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