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Special Issues

The Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology publishes the following collections on topics of special interest.

Innovation, Technology and Sustainability: Brazilian and Nordic Experiences
To be edited by Rita S. Senise, Mira Kajko-Mattsson, Milan Stanko, Robert Sbragia, and Evando Mirra de Paula e Silva
Open for submissions
This Special Issue is dedicated to business innovation and research surrounding sustainability issues as they play out in practice in Brazil and in Nordic countries, particularly Norway and Sweden. Encompassing empirical and multidisciplinary work, it will explore developments in the theory and application of business innovation strategies, innovation for sustainability, technology adaptation, transnational studies, and methods and tools to enhance competitiveness. The Special Issue's principal goal is to communicate new research and conceptual advances in business innovation in Scandinavia and Brazil to a wide range of readers, including scholars, technical officers, and decision-makers.​​​​​​​

Entertainment Engineering
Edited by José Augusto Kamel
Publishing July 2016 onward
The little-studied machinations behind the scenes of contemporary Brazilian theater; how we learn to cheer up at work; our complicated methods of choosing which phone to buy next....More and more, and particularly in Brazil, popular passions and pastimes are big business. The articles in this Special Issue dive deeply into the broad, growing industry of Entertainment, exploring what goes into key products' production, how major companies in the sector behave, and the important role that creativity can play. 

Education for Sustainability
Edited by Luis Felipe Nascimento
Published March and April of 2016 
Education for Sustainability (EfS), a topic frequently discussed in Management Meetings and debates on education for management, suggests a need to change the educational paradigm. Studies are being carried out to identify the level of knowledge among students and teachers of management courses, the gaps in the curricula, and the need of organizations for managers capable of making them more sustainable and competitive. The papers in this Special Issue analyze EfS in educational institutions and business organizations around the world.

Aims and scope

The Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology (BJST) explores and analyzes the significant potential of sustainability-oriented Research and Development (R&D) initiatives, particularly as they play out in and around Brazil.

Drawing on multiple disciplines such as agricultural sciences, biotechnology, energy policy, environmental studies, and materials science, the journal publishes peer-reviewed empirical research and novel commentary. Special Issues promote ongoing discourse on Entertainment Engineering, Education for Sustainability, and Innovation, Technology and Sustainability: Brazilian and Nordic Experiences. Additional topics of interest include conservation of the Amazon rainforests; the impacts of Brazilian R&D policies on economic development; and renewable energy technologies. A fully Gold Open Access journal, BJST is of interest to scholars and students, decision-makers at research organizations and government agencies, and enterprises undertaking applied R&D to drive innovations.


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