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  1. Review

    Phenomenology and carnival production chain

    Maurice Merleau-Ponty sustained the world engages the body consciousness. 50 years after the publication of his “The Visible and the Invisible”, a group of teachers and artists enrolled on the theory and prac...

    Paloma Oliveira de Carvalho Santos, Ney Madeira, Danielle Cardoso Joia and Fernando da Silva Assumpção

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2017 4:3

    Published on: 1 August 2017

  2. Case Study

    Creativity and innovation for corporate happiness management

    In the system in which we are currently inserted, happiness and work seem to be completely exclusive words and without any possibility of association. The following study intends to show that it is possible to...

    José Augusto Nogueira Kamel, Caio Varela Martins, Mariana Batista Pessanha and Marcelo Weiler de Andrade

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2017 4:1

    Published on: 10 March 2017

  3. Research

    Spatialized potential for biomass energy production in Brazil: an overview

    The opportunity for renewable energy production in developing countries is a theme of high relevance within the context of climate change. In this paper we explore the production of electricity in Brazil and i...

    Ana Pimenta Ribeiro and Michael Rode

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:23

    Published on: 17 September 2016

  4. Review

    Assessment of smartphones using multimethodology

    Recent releases of mobile phones, announced by the media as “smartphones” have ever more high technology embedded and they are true handheld computers, where the characteristics of information processing, phys...

    Musbah Koleilat and Marcos Pereira Estellita Lins

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:22

    Published on: 13 September 2016

  5. Review

    Economics of Brazilian performing arts: financing and employment

    The paper attempts to assess and analyze the economics of Brazilian contemporary theatre, focusing on financing and employment indicators. It was considered only the official data published by public instituti...

    Manoel Silvestre Friques and Brayan Luque

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:21

    Published on: 24 August 2016

  6. Review

    Creativity, Production Engineering and entertainment industry

    In recent years, humanity has entered a new factory period, an age of electronic devices. The gadget-man working set and the mobility and abstract learning required by such gadgets leads Flusser (Mundo Codifi...

    Vinícius Carvalho Cardoso and Gabriel Bouhid Barradas

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:20

    Published on: 22 July 2016

  7. Research

    Phosphorus use efficiency by wheat plants that grown in an acidic soil

    Phosphorus is a key Nutrient for plant growth and development. Phosphorus is taken up from the soil solution by plant roots as orthophosphate ions, principally as monovalent orthophosphate, H2PO4 ...

    Rubya Shabnam and Md. Toufiq Iqbal

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:18

    Published on: 27 June 2016

  8. Research

    Enzyme technology in Brazil: trade balance and research community

    Despite Brazil’s large numbers and its position as one of the world’s ten largest economies, its exports are mainly composed of non-industrial or low-technological goods. It results in a trade deficit and tech...

    Karina de Godoy Daiha, Gabriela Coelho Brêda, Ariane Leites Larentis, Denise Maria Guimarães Freire and Rodrigo Volcan Almeida

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:17

    Published on: 11 May 2016

  9. Research

    Knowledge flows and linkage with universities: the vision of Mexican farmers

    This paper is about the linkage between academia and the productive sector in agriculture, focusing on the farmers’ point of view regarding this linkage. It also explores another dimension of knowledge transfe...

    Gabriela Dutrénit, Rene Rivera-Huerta and Alexandre O. Vera-Cruz

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:16

    Published on: 5 May 2016

  10. Research

    Impact of water stress on radiation interception and radiation use efficiency of Soybeans (Glycine max L. Merr.) in Nigeria

    Soybean is the world’s major oilseed crop. Field experiments were conducted for 2 years on soybeans in order to study the effects of deficit irrigation (DI) during reproductive stages on radiation interception...

    Omotayo B. Adeboye, Bart Schultz, Kenneth O. Adekalu and Krishna Prasad

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:15

    Published on: 4 May 2016

  11. Research

    Self-servicing energy efficient routing strategy for smart forest

    Monitoring the health and population of all forms of wildlife is a challenge for experts. Nature can be unforgiving with incidents of earthquakes, forest fires, tsunamis, and floods appearing without warning. ...

    Sandip Roy, Rajesh Bose and Debabrata Sarddar

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:13

    Published on: 19 April 2016

  12. Research

    Education for sustainability in business schools by practicing social learning

    The insertion of sustainability in business schools has been more relevant in the last decades. One of the purposes of education for sustainability (EfS) is to develop individuals with knowledge and skills to ...

    Paola Schmitt Figueiró, Bruno Anicet Bittencourt and Soraia Schutel

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:11

    Published on: 22 March 2016

  13. Research

    A bibliometric study on “education for sustainability”

    The scientific production on “education for sustainability” has been growing in recent years what demonstrates the attention this subject has gathered. To better understand and characterize this trend, a bibli...

    Pedro Luiz Côrtes and Rosely Rodrigues

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:8

    Published on: 17 March 2016

  14. Research

    Environmental education in distance learning in Environmental Engineering at Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil: potentialities and limitations towards a critical techno-scientific education

    Incorporating Environmental Education (EE) in Higher Education Institutions syllabi has been a great challenge for educators. Despite of its importance and the diversity of didactic approaches to build sustain...

    Vânia Gomes Zuin and Carolina Motta Borgonove

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:7

    Published on: 14 March 2016

  15. Research

    From the Brazilian semiarid to university: the incorporation of a Cooperative Learning project as academic extension

    The interaction between university and its surrounding communities is vital for society. The incorporation of social initiatives as formal university extension programs can tackle different social demands, str...

    Bruno de Souza Lessa, Ana Clara Aparecida Alves de Souza and José Carlos Lázaro da Silva-Filho

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:6

    Published on: 12 March 2016

  16. Research

    Sustainable development in Business Administration programs of excellence in Brazil

    Organizations are under increasing pressure to incorporate the principles of sustainability into their policies and activities to meet the challenge of balancing environmental, economic and social well-being. ...

    Mariane Lemos Lourenço, Adriana Roseli Wunsch Takahashi, Sérgio Vogt and Marcos Vinícius Pereira Correa

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:4

    Published on: 9 March 2016

  17. Case Study

    Sustainable energy generation and use in SIDS and beyond—introducing the L3EAP online learning approach

    Small Islands Developing States (SIDS), but also other developing countries especially in the Global South, still face distinctive challenges to ensure sustainable livelihoods for their current population as w...

    Franziska Wolf, Deisi V. Becker, Walter Leal, Jonathan Krink, Julia Haselberger and Maria Kowald

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:2

    Published on: 7 March 2016

  18. Review

    Education, sustainability and social learning

    This article proposes a contribution to the existing debate on social learning as a possible framework that strengthens the role of sustainable actions through educational initiatives as to promote changes in ...

    Pedro Roberto Jacobi, Renata Ferraz de Toledo and Edson Grandisoli

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:3

    Published on: 7 March 2016

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