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Table 1 Analysis of the projects developed by the students

From: Environmental education in distance learning in Environmental Engineering at Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil: potentialities and limitations towards a critical techno-scientific education

Categories Characteristics
1. Consolidated critical EE Aligning with the critical EE, presenting concepts that are coherent with this facet as well as with the proposed practical activities, e.g., organic garden, food waste control (D1, G1, G5 and G7)
2. Transition critical/conservationist EE Focus on transmitting knowledge, incorporating participative and reflexive methodologies in order to promote behavioural changes (G3, G4, G6)
3. Critical EE in construction The project proposes activities that are aligned with the critical EE, but presented conceptual mistakes (G2)
4. Predominantly conservationist EE The project proposes activities that are articulated with behavioural/conservative (D2, G8)