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Table 1 Summary table of SIDS energy issues

From: Sustainable energy generation and use in SIDS and beyond—introducing the L3EAP online learning approach

  High Low Comments
Fossil fuel dependence   Most electricity is sourced from diesel-powered generators and transport is solely powered by fossil fuels
Biofuel use   Limited capacity and involves significant risks for smaller SIDS as biofuel production could raise the price of energy crops, making them more vulnerable as import dependent countries
Access to electricity   Increasing access for rural areas has been a significant development by SIDS over the last 20 years
Energy costs   Pacific Islands spend on average up to 20 % of their household incomes on energy needs
Total energy supplied by modern renewables   With some exceptions in larger island with hydroelectric capacity
Electrical transmission losses   Aging infrastructure and maintenance are the predominant issues here
Potential for renewables   Wind, solar, tidal, and geothermal have huge potential for SIDS
Investment and planning in renewables   Most SIDS have policy objectives and are seeking investments to expand renewable energy and diversify supplies
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