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Table 2 The 20 SIDS’ environmental issues

From: Sustainable energy generation and use in SIDS and beyond—introducing the L3EAP online learning approach

Issue ID Issue title
Cross-cutting issues
 001 Beyond GDP—Developing appropriate indicators for SIDS’ Sustainable Development
 002 Unique Human Capacities for Island Sustainability
 003 Synergizing Indigenous and Local Knowledge and Modern Sciences as a Basis for Sustainable Island Development
Rehabilitating Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
 004 The Continued Threat of Invasive Alien Species
 005 Averting the Loss of tropical Montane Cloud Forest
 006 Breakdown of sand and Sediment Budget due to Biodiversity Loss
 007 Decline of Agrobiodiversity and Ecosystem Functions Affecting Food and Livelihood Security
 008 Overfishing and Potential Collapse of Inshore Marine Ecosystems
Sustainable use of natural resources
 009 Degradation and Scarcity of Freshwater Resources
 010 Coastal Squeeze and Loss of Associated Ecosystem Services
 011 Reaching the Limit of Land Capacity
 012 Harnessing Renewable Energy Opportunities
 013 Balancing the Opportunities and Risks of Exploring SIDS’ Unexploited Natural Resources
 014 Developing an Ocean-based Green Economy
Managing Threats from Chemicals and Waste
 015 Globally emitted Contaminants Affecting SIDS
 016 Indiscriminate and Increasing Use of Pesticides
 017 Greening the Waste Sector: Turning Waste into Opportunities in SIDS
Addressing climate change and its impacts
 018 Disproportionate Impact of Climate Change and Sea-level Rise in SIDS
 019 Intensification of Extreme Events and External Shocks and Increasing Vulnerability of SIDS
 020 Climate and Environmental Change Driving Population Displacements
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